Environmental Fund

The Environment Fund is aimed to support non-Government, non-profit Voluntary Organisations

Undertake tangible environmental conservation projects and initiatives that have pointed to.

The Environment Fund is aimed to support non-Government, non-profit Voluntary Organisations to undertake tangible environmental conservation projects and initiatives that have pointed to:

  • Improve the state of conservation of the environment
  • Promote responsible environment management and raise awareness about the environmental conservation and protection
  • Assist in progressing god environmental management practices
  • Restore degraded environments to their pristine condition
  • Combat, and if possible, reverse environmental degradation and habitat deterioration
  • Develop and foster closer collaboration on environmental initiatives between these organizations and the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Strengthen the set-ups engaged in environmental conservation, environment restoration and provision of environmentally-beneficial services
  • Enhance the provision of community education programmes, including development of educational material, regarding the environment, its appreciation and its conservation
  • Otherwise contribute to any of the above-listed projects, inter alia by serving as pilot initiatives for eventual environment projects, or by catalysing or kick-starting any such project

Eligibility pre-requisites

  • Applicants must be non-governmental, non-profit voluntary organisations, with a clear primary focus on environmental conservation
  • At the date of application, applicants must be duly enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisation and must be also compliant with the Voluntary Organisations Act 2007, and its subsidiary legislation
  • Funds shall only be granted for projects that are in line with the terms of these guidelines
  • The project deliverables should have a definite completion timeframe of not more than 24 months from the date of the grant agreement
  • Applicants involved in any relevant breach of environment protection regulations or other relevant infringements, such as illegal development in the countryside or non-compliance with environmental conditions of any permit, shall not be eligible for funding
  • Projects which explicitly or implicitly involve or entail any endorsement, sanctioning or facilitation of any malpractice (including: introduction or aggravation of on-site hazards, unauthorised access to private property, or any breach or circumvention of relevant permits or existing environmental obligations) shall be ineligible for funding

Leader Programme

LEADER (“Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économie Rurale“, meaning ‘Links between the rural economy and development actions’) is a local development method which allows local actors to develop an area by using its endogenous development potential.

The Leader initiative, launched in the nineties with the aim of improving the development potential of rural areas focuses on bringing together the different public and private local actors. Malta, thanks to the financial allocation of about €3.8 million devoted from the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013 to the implementation of the Leader strategies has started to put in place this innovative project.

The Leader approach is based on the crucial role of Local Action Groups (LAGs): a public/private partnership composed by representatives of the Local Administration and the private sector. The Local Action Group is in charge of coordinating the design of the local development strategy as well as its implementation.

In Malta this is the first time that LEADER is implemented and three Local Action Groups have been created covering the wide majority of the rural area of the Country:

  • Gozo Action Group
  • Majjistral Action Group
  • Xlokk Action Group

These groups are formed by representatives of the public sector such as Local Councils and other Government entities as well as representatives of social economic partners and other civil society organisations. The Leader approach is a priceless tool in the realisation of the various interventions to improve the quality of life in Maltese and Gozitan rural areas with the active participation of the residents and operators of the areas, thanks to the consultation process all LAGs are undertaking.

The first crucial challenge for the LAGs is the preparation of a Local Development Strategy for their territory. The Strategy will address the main weaknesses of the areas and will propose innovative actions to improve the quality of life as well as the economic opportunities. The strategies will be realized with the active involvement of local residents and socio-economic operators, thanks to a wide consultation process in all the localities addressed to the residents as well as to SMEs, tourism operators farmers organizations, NGOs and all those who would like to contribute to the sustainable development of the rural areas of Malta and Gozo.

Majjistral Action Group

For information visit leadermajjistral.eu

Galxlokk Foundation

For information visit galxlokk.com

Gozo Action Group

For information visit leadergozo.eu or telephone: 21550322 or visit @ 23 G.P.F Aguis De Soldanis Street VICTORIA GOZO.