Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme 2023

Designed to assist applicants looking for funding on projects that can make a real difference to their local communities.

The Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS), is managed and administered by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS). This fund, like the other funds provided by MCVS has the main objective of stimulating and financially supporting voluntary organisations to continue to come up with innovative and sustainable initiatives for the benefit of the communities they work in.


The VOPS Call for 2023 shall have a total allocation of €800,000

The guidelines for the VOPS are published on the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector website www.maltacvs.org and the VO Funding Portal www.vofunding.org.mt. The Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS) is designed to assist Voluntary Organisations, enrolled and compliant with the Commissioner for VOs

VOPS 2023 shall have four specific Actions:

Action 1 - Project Based Initiatives

Action 2 - Infrastructural Projects

Action 3 - Research Projects

Action 4 - Events & Activities

The general objectives establishing the Voluntary Organisations Project Fund are the following:

  • To stimulate co-operation and networking between voluntary organisations.
  • To provide a consultative forum that can effectively address issues related to the Voluntary Sector.
  • To provide a platform from which to develop co-operation between voluntary organisations and the Government.
  • To promote and encourage a culture of volunteering and the participation in volunteer activities among people, especially children and youths, as an aspect of personal and social development.
  • To foster co-operation in the volunteer sector with local and international bodies, entities or other persons for the encouragement and promotion of the development of volunteering programmes, initiatives and activities.
  • To encourage, in furtherance of the principle of subsidiary, non-governmental bodies and private entities or persons and local councils to contribute to the promotion of volunteering in Malta.

Guidelines VOPS 2023

VOPS Guidelines 2023

Results VOPS 2023 

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