NGO Co-Financing Fund 2023 #2

Intended to Support the co-financing obligations of Voluntary Organisations (VOs) benefitting from EU institutions funding

The NGO Co-Financing Fund (NCF) is aims to support the Co-Financing obligations of  Voluntary Organisations (VOs) benefitting from funding from EU institutions, EEA Grants, Norway Grants, Bilateral Agreements (including the Swiss Maltese Cooperation Programme), and the Council of Europe. The co-financing funds are intended to complement and not replace existing activities supported by EU funding.

The NGO Co-Financing Fund shall not be considered as proof for co-financing when applying for EU Funded Projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Being a Voluntary Organization in possession of a valid Voluntary Organization Certificate number and being financially involved in the implementation and the co-financing, even as a partner, of a European Funded Project in the past year.

Excluding Criteria

  • Project Closure Report dated later than one year and a half from submitting the application for the NGO co-Financing Fund.
  • Failure to honor obligations agreed to in the Contract signed with the NGO Co-Financing Fund.
  • European Funding awarded for the project is already considered as covering 100% of the eligible expenditures.
  • Project not yet approved from relevant Managing Authority.

Terms of Reference

  • Once the online application has been properly filled in, the electronic form will be reviewed and evaluated by MCVS to validate the provided information and issue the Grant.
  • The Grant will be issued in two equal instalments, 50% at the awarding stage upon the signature of the grant agreement and a second 50% upon submission of a valid Closure Report endorsed by the relevant Competent Authority.
  • The submitted Closure Report will be evaluated and a proportionate reduction to the NGO Co-Financing Fund Grant will apply in the circumstances where there will be a deduction in the Project Eligible Value.
  • Should the Closure Report be submitted at the application stage, the Grant shall be issued in full. The Grant will remain subject to the conditions agreed to in the Contract with MCVS.

Due to full take-up of the fund, this fund is being closed. Should, after evaluation of the submitted applications, fund not be fully committed, the fund shall re-open accordingly. 


For more information contact:
Ms. Michelle Formosa