A4U Scheme – Assistance for You

The A4U scheme was developed to provide financial support to organizations or youth groups.

The A4U scheme was developed to provide financial support to voluntary youth Organisations. The main objective behind this call for application is for Aġenzija Żgħażagħ to provide assistance to Voluntary Youth Organisations who want to grow, develop their own goals and have the opportunity to actively participate in the community. Voluntary Youth Organisations are invited to come up with initiatives aimed at strengthening and developing their goals, mission and identity. In this regard, among other things Voluntary Youth Organisations can present initiatives which aim to;

  1. Improving and adopting structures that permit delivery of online/offline services
  2. Purchasing resources 

Financial assistance for each initiative can be granted up to a maximum of € 3,000. In order for a Voluntary Youth Organisation to be eligible to apply for this scheme, it must be registered with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and comply with the criteria set in the guidelines. Besides, Voluntary Youth Organisations must be offering a service to young people.

The proposals for this scheme are selected according to a number of criteria including;

  1. The impact of the initiative on the group itself and the community
  2. Coherency and flow of proposal
  3. Impact, Multiplier effect and follow up
  4. Link to the National Youth Policy
  5. Realistic Budget

Proposals under this scheme are made online through the portal www.vofunding.org.mt

Project Coordinator: Maria Carmela Borg
Email: maria-carmela.borg@gov.mt

Tel: 22586700

For technical assistance regarding the use of the Portal www.vofunding.org.mt:
Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector
Email: mcvs.mivc @gov.mt
Tel: 22481110

An online meeting with information and queries will be held on Tuesday 3rd October at 17:30. Registration for the meeting can be accessed through the below link



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