The Community Grants Scheme is aimed at encouraging community leaders to implement in practice, projects and initiatives in the spirit of the Strategy.


As a practical initiative tied to the launch of Malta’s 2021-2030 National Strategy on the Rights of Disabled Persons, the Ministry for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing is launching a small grants Scheme, aimed at encouraging community leaders to implement in practice projects and initiatives in the spirit of the Strategy.

Tying in with the ethos of the Strategy, and of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, upon which it is based, Proposals submitted to this Scheme must aim to ensure the inclusion and participation of disabled persons in the life of their local communities, thus maximising their Freedom to Live, independently within such communities.

Eligible Applicants

Voluntary Organisations and Local Councils have long been key drivers in Maltese society in respect of community action. Thus, this Scheme welcomes proposals from:

•             Voluntary Organisations registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, by the closing date for this Scheme, provided that all their filings with the Commissioner are up to date by said closing date

•             Local Councils

Registered Voluntary Organisations who are currently a party to a Public-Social Partnership with the Government of Malta in the field of disability are not eligible to apply under this Scheme.

Application Form, Submission and Queries


·         The application form is available in accessible formats, in both Maltese and English, at Hard copy application forms are also available from the Ministry for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing, 89, Sir Ugo Mifsud Street, Lija LJA 1056.

·         Applications that do not follow these Guidelines, or which lack information requested on the Application Form, shall be rejected.

·         Applications are to be submitted online, by post or in person, and must be received by 1st November 2021. Late Applications will be automatically rejected.

·         Any queries in respect of this Scheme should be addressed by email to


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